Fitness. Style. Passion.

Everyday can be an escape from the ordinary. No detail was spared when creating this fitness and wellness oasis. The

result? A workout experience that has a boutique vibe and delivers the goods. Designed to delight, JuJu Life offers the

following amenities so you can pursue your fitness goals in style and passion. 



  • Infrared-heated shower

  • Vanity counter with styling products and accessories 

  • Bliss™ products and towels in shower

  • Yoga mats free of charge 

  • Sweat towels

  • Sweat/grip mats

  • Phone charging stations

  • Boutique-style changing room

  • Lockers with keyless locks

  • Hot rocks

  • Lavender eye pillows

  • Hairbands, gum, mints, etc.

  • Luxurious, modern waiting lounge

  • Specialty waters

  • Chilled lavender rags (infrared sauna)

  • Provide all towels, socks and slippers for treatments

  • Deciem™ products in studios and lounge